WIOA Board


Windermere Island Owners Association (WIOA) is the homeowners association to which we each become members the day we purchase our little piece of paradise on Windermere. Not much is asked of the membership at large but the Board of Directors is the volunteer group that manages the details so that we can enjoy our homes during the year when many of us are able to be 'in residence'. They manage year round the general maintenance of Island infrastructure and provide both oversight and administrative services designed to preserve and heighten our Windermere experience. These include roadway and bridge maintenance, garbage pick up, beach cleaning, roadway litter clean-up from Queens Highway to the bridge as well as our common Island roadway. The board also oversees the 24/7 gate security.

They worked to bring phones, clean water, paved potholes, speed bumps and signs to the island. They handled the rebuilding of our Bridge 20 years ago after Hurricane Floyd blew it out and are currently setting up another project that will make our bridge stronger. Not so many years ago residents used VHF radios to contact one another, had to go to Savannah Sound Batelco station to call home, and frequently found non potable water streaming from their taps. WIOA with its managing Board has contributed immeasurably to the comfort and safety enjoyed by Windermere residents at this time.

Michael Foster      Peter Kross      Philip vonGontard         Mark Hancock

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