Emergency Services

Dial 911 or 919 for emergencies

Phone Directory

Windermere Security 242-332-6330
Eleuthera Police
Governor's Harbour 242-332-2117 or 242-332-3500
Tarpum Bay 242-332-4033
Rock Sound 242-334-2244
B.P.L. Emergency 242-334-2131
Governor's Harbour Clinic 242-332-2774 or 242-225-1406
Palmetto Point Clinic 242-332-1520
Rock Sound Clinic 242-334-2226

In Case Of Medical Emergencies

The two HACE (Health Association of Central Eleuthera) Ambulances are on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and will respond to medical emergencies on Windermere. 

Initial calls should be made to the Governor’s Harbour Police Station:

You may also call the Governor’s Harbour Clinic to contact the nurse on duty.

  • Call Governor's Harbour Clinic at 242-332-2774 or 242-225-1406
    Clinic Hours (Monday-Friday): 9am-5pm
    After clinic hours the call is redirected to the nurse on duty.

Next Steps

1. Once a call is made to the Governor’s Harbour Police Station, they will contact the Doctor or Nurse on duty. The Doctor or Nurse will, based upon specific information you provide about the medical emergency, determine the appropriate course of action and dispatch the ambulance. HACE will be notified of all relevant details of the emergency.
2. Be sure to provide your local phone number and address. Be specific about your house name, cottage or apartment or suite number, left or right over the bridge, etc.
3. Call Windermere Security 242-332-6330. Tell them that there is a medical emergency and alert them that the ambulance has been called and is on its way.
4. Stay with the patient until help arrives. If another person is present who is not needed to help care for the patient, have them go to the road to flag the ambulance when it approaches.

In most situations, the ambulance will pick up the Doctor or Nurse in Palmetto Point en route to the island. In very serious emergencies, the doctor usually precedes the ambulance to the island. Response time is usually no more than 20 minutes to Windermere.

HACE ambulances carry defibrillators, oxygen, pulse oximeters, and other medical supplies. A voluntary private donation may be given to HACE should you so wish (suggested amount $100).