Club Services

The Club's Bar & Dining Room has reopened for our 2021/2022 season

Food service is as follows for the month of June 2021:

    • Mondays - Saturday 6:00pm to 10:00pm in the dining room. Reservations for dinner and take out are required, please call the Club at 242-464-0782 or email Club Manager Keva Varence to let her and the staff know you would like to dine. Please no walk-ins.
    • Due to COVID Protocols as mandated by the government we have to operate on a limited dining room seating. You must show proof of vaccination prior to being seated.
    • Palm Tiki Hut is open for lunch every day starting 20 December 2021thru to 5 January 2022. The bar will remain open until the restaurant closes  
    • For more details of up to date activities please contact the club manager Keva Varence at : or 242-464-0782 Monday - Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm.
    • The Club is closed Sunday, Christmas day and New Year's day

The Club’s pool and tennis courts are available for your use, as is the gym. Please note:

  • Gym occupancy is limited to four person maximum.
  • A 45-minute time limit is in effect if others are waiting to use the equipment.
  • Each person is responsible for cleaning the equipment and touched surfaces before and after use.
  • Each person uses the gym at their own risk. Spray sanitizer and paper towels will be provided in the gym along with hand sanitizer.

Private sailing, kite surfing and tennis lessons:

  • Private or group tennis lessons for our members and renters all arrangements must be made with Bahamas Hall of Fame Pro Hartie Johnson or 242-636-6787 
  • Private sailing or kite surfing lessons for our members and renters, all arrangements must be made with Martin Manrique or 242-829-2322 you can also visit the website for more information