Club Information

Paying Your Club Bill

To settle your members account, you can request your statement at the Club, or have it emailed to you. You'll then have the option to:

  • Pay by check on island (we only accept $Bahamian checks)
  • Payable to : The Club at Windermere
  • Mail a $US check to the Club @ Windermere treasurer
  • Please contact for information
  • Pay by credit card or bank transfer. All credit card charges will occur a 3% processing fee. To use this option:
    • Request your statement be emailed to you.
    • Click on View Invoice in the email. Will then direct you to a secure QuickBooks online payment portal.
    • Upon successful processing, you'll receive a confirmation email confirming your payment.
  • Please note that credit cards are not 'swiped' on-island. Instead payment is made through the secure QuickBooks online portal, mentioned above.
Dress Code

Members are asked to observe the Club's dress code. Please make sure that your guests/renters are aware of the dress code. If you have any questions, please contact a Board member.

Smart-casual resort wear is expected in the dining room. Clothing suitable for the pool, beach and exercise should not be worn in the dining room and bar. Active wear, e.g. bike shorts, tank tops, sport t’s, bathing suits, baseball caps and the like are not recommended attire in the Club dining room.